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Wherever your business resides in the United States - small town, big city, strip mall, or chic shopping district, an ATM machine can do a lot to boost your business. An ATM business is about providing convenience to your customers, as well as enhancing profits. It has been shown that an ATM machine can boost sales 20 percent or more. This alone means that the ATM machine can pay for itself in the first year.

Most know that business is all about foot traffic. In a small suburban mall, your business might have the only ATM business. A customer might have not been planning to purchase something in your store, but the ATM machine has drawn the customer inside. Even if the customer does not buy something from your store, he or she now has some familiarity with what you have to offer. Over time, this can significantly expand your customer base.

This is not to mention that the ATM business itself is a profit-bearing enterprise. Every time a customer uses the machine, you stand to make money out of the transaction. The owner of the ATM machine receives 100 percent of the surcharge. This surcharge can be as much as $2.00 a transaction. The typical ATM business may get a few hundred transactions a month — meaning the ATM provider can stand to make $600 in extra profit from the ATM machine alone. This does not include the profit from extra foot traffic and repeat customers.

Another major benefit of installing an ATM is cutting down on the amount of checks used by customers. These can be a costly and time-consuming form of payment. In some cases, business owners run by cash-only, or refuse checks outright, if an ATM machine is installed. This ensures both cash payment and the likelihood that the business owner will receive a surcharge from ATM withdrawal.

Setting Up an ATM Machine Business

ATMs are about convenience. Your best bet to setting up an ATM business is in areas where there is no bank nearby and where there is a lot of foot traffic. ATM Wholesaler will help pinpoint the most advantageous place to put your ATM machines—in shops throughout the United States.

Not all ATM machines are built the same so we offer a variety of ATM machines for our customers. If you only plan on getting a handful of transactions a day, you probably won’t need our top of the line machine. If you expect a lot of traffic, you’ll want our most advanced model, with encryption pad, enhanced security locks, and increased storage.

Remember, ATM machines can provide more than money. These days people use ATM machines for stamps, phone cards, or to merely get a bank balance. The more functionality your ATM business provides, the more likely it is that you’ll get repeat business. The type of functionality of your machine depends on the business’s location. For example, a machine with phone cards is most widely used in tourist destinations. We will help you sort out all of the features you require for your particular business and location.

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