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Believe it or not, investing in a few liquor store ATMs can help you pay off your house, retire early or save for the education of your children. Much like the industrious youngster who financed his entire college education a penny at a time online, you can amass a decent fortune a dollar at a time through liquor store ATMs...

It is often said that earning a lot of money is all about seizing opportunities, and if this is indeed the case, there is no better opportunity than investing in beer and wine store ATMs. To be completely honest, a lot of people hate having to rely on beer and wine store ATMs. This is because the machines usually charge outrageous fees, and in many cases the individual banks used by the ATM customers will charge...

There are lots of things that you can do to earn money, but probably none of them will be as easy and rewarding as owning a few office building ATMs. People all over the country rely on office building ATMs to get the cash that they need to pay for things like items that coworkers are selling, lunch or items from the vending machines and tolls for the road trip home each day. Each time somebody uses one of the office building ATMs that you own, they put money in your pocket. Not a bad deal for something that requires...

Everyone knows that bingo hall ATMs are a good investment. Sure, they may only earn you a few dollars at a time. If you wait long enough, these dollars will start to add up. If you are smart about managing your profits and regularly reinvest in your burgeoning business, you can be worth millions by the time you retire...

When it comes to restaurant ATMs, there are lots of positives and negatives to be seen, depending on your personal viewpoints. Lots of people enjoy having restaurant ATMs readily available, especially when the restaurant in question only takes cash. Restaurant owners usually like having restaurant ATMs around, because they...

Owning several gas station ATMs can definitely make you rich over time. When you think about it, besides taking money out of the bank, people probably take money out of gas station ATMs more often that at any other place. This is because gas stations are usually the last places that people stop before they hit the road for their latest trip...

If you have ever had to rely on truck stop ATMs to get money out of your checking or savings account, you know how much of a pain they can be. First of all, you probably get charged at least two dollars each time you use one of the thousands of truck stop ATMs that are scattered around...

There are probably a lot of reasons why you may be hearing that right now is a great time to be investing in hotel ATMs. For one, if you own enough of them, you can make yourself quite a significant profit over time. Another reason why is because banks are working to take away some of the fees they charge for using out of network hotel...

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